Thursday, December 11, 2008

There's No Sense In Pretending, Your Eyes Give You Away

If I lift up my jeep to look like the one in the picture
Ms Doodle says she won't ride with me
I think she's bluffing
it all started when a big red neck lookin truck
was outside our place and plowing the neighbours driveway
Out the window I was like "look at the nice truck"
She was like " your such a hick"
seriously tho look it is a nice truck
then she's like "you have a new jeep whats with the truck envy?"
I'm like "true maybe I'll lift that"
she's like " I won't ride with you"
so i started with the
"It is a much safer when your big on the road story"
she didn't buy it!

1 comment:

The Man said...

And for the record I want my Jeep to look like the one in the photo
Like a childhood dream!~