Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Added Flour Weight

Time and time again I have heard the same thing
Time and time again people have said
things like
"my mom's perogies are the best"
" my grandma makes the best perogies"
" I make perogies and there the best"
" the secret to great perogies is the dough"
"old chedder cheese makes the best perogies"
I'm a fan of good old perogies but really what makes em the best?
now I can tell you if they don't fall apart and there cheesy then there's
nothing wrong with em
Basically there is the same ingredients in every persons perogie
Little variations here and there
but you get what I mean
There is also sauerkraut perogies and too this day I have only
had one version of these beauty's and personally I do like em better!
I have also heard of blueberry perogies with a sugar sauce
never had em but I know they exist
Perogies are alot of work
Anyway you cut em there a tonne of work
God knows what you have to do to make em" the best ."

1 comment:

Al said...

Baba's are the best....hamburger, onion, bacon...gawd what I would give to taste those again!!