Friday, September 19, 2008

When Hollywood Runs Out Of Indians

My horoscope told me today
I could suffer from a metaphysical crisis.
WTF is that you ask
Well I asked the same thing
Also I asked Who writes this shit
I wish it would have said your financial crisis is over
Call now, take the day off or your worries are over

Two weeks ago I won the hundred bucks
Today I can win again (stupid rules)
She will be good to me sometime soon
I can feel it
House needs some money spent on it
pre winter check up for the furnace
clean out the drain that goes to the street
Mr rotorouter dude is coming Monday for that

The garden turned out to be more of a success then the original plan
we ended up with quite a bit of tomato's and hot (supposed to be sweet) peppers
peas and beans too
Knowing what I know now
I wish we could start the summer over and grow baby grow!

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