Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thunder Bay At It's Finest!

On today's front page there were 2 articles
How our retarded city council delayed a new 6ooo sq ft(est) shopping
center to be built(delayed for three months) so they can look into other people or options for the vacant land They want to give local investors a chance blah blah blah
translation= nothing is gonna happen!
look how much of a fight the flying J had to go through just to open up here
I seriously doubt that this investor will stick around for our city council
to pull the old political thumb outta there asses
I really wish they would let some new developments
develop, rebuild and attract tourists to this dying city
Article two was about the population of Thunder Bay Dwindling
it said 4331 people packed there bags and skipped town last year
Sure some moved to Thunder Bay As well, but I'm sure they will leave too
as soon as school is done or they figure out that a monkey could run the city better
Now how many jobs do you think woulda came out of the new shopping area
construction and retail??
How many tourist dollars could we draw in from Minnesota?
Once again this is Thunder Bay at it's finest!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looks like you were wrong about the mall development. It turns out our council is more inept then you give them credit for. apparently unbeknownst to them the property in question was already sold so no luck for the local developers. Take it easy on Tbay man as although not perfect in all regard this city and the surrounding wilderness have alot of charm.