Monday, November 3, 2008

There's A Shadow On the Moon Tonight

Happy Monday!
Had a great weekend !
Friday i worked and went to the bar after
as the DD to Pick up the sister and ms D
Who seemed to enjoy lots of shooters
at a halloween slash going away party
I saw some nerfty costumes and some shady ones too
I was dressed up as the guy who just got off work
and to tell you the truth I really don't miss the bar scene
however for the short time i was there it was Fun!
Saturday was a chill day tho I managed to get some
doin's around the house done
I thought to myself puttering around
Where do fruit fly's come from?
It's not like I put half rotten fruit out and open my screen door
but for some reason they randomly show up everywhere
I heard a few theroys like they live in the fruit, ect ect..
Im still confused as to where they do come from.....
No more fruit for this guy.
Yesterday i went to pick up the snowmobile from the farm
It had broken down last year around Christmas right in the middle
of a field
So I figure it was time to get er fixed
Almost got the jeep stuck in the mud
however we made it
persistence pays off
So does four wheel drive!

1 comment:

khawk said...

They might not be fruit flys, they might be "sewer flys"...little flys that come up from your drains. Check them all out, and bleach 'em for a few days if you find that's the source.

Also is "nerfty" a new word? You kids and your words...I need to get out more.