Thursday, November 20, 2008

Higher Then The Building

The usual thing for me is
I don't ever remember my dreams
once the foot hits the floor there gone with no memory
However this morning
I remembered a little bit of the dream I was having
not much Just a little
There was an extra large baby blue book in the dream
don't ask me who was there or where I was
but the book was titled
" Meatballs
$$ "
Seriously WTF is that about ????
The freaky part is that when I got to work today
Meatball subs are on sale in the staff cafe.....

moving on here
I have a question
Why do stores that sell clothes like in a mall
find it necessary to play crap dance music at full volume?
Does it help you shop?
does it help you with customer service?

I was just wondering cause it seems to be a trend!

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