Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Last Canada Goose

I was daydreaming of my old life and things I missed about it, Northern Ontario and the clean air, then this picture came to mind...I didn't take it but I was there. Taken at Patience lake on our fly in fishing trip.

When trees are sick what do you do?
Give them IV of course!

The top of the mountain we have now hiked a total of 2 times....our time going up the mountain has improved by about 15 minutes! Not a very big mountain but it's a fun thing to do on a Sunday!

Any takers?

See this truck well there everywhere here in Korea. For some reason they come in two colours, Blue and White
I must admit they kinda have grown on me, would be a good buggy for back home, good on gas and a nice box for my toys! More on these beauties later! I'm gonna get a whole bunch of pics of different ones and do a poll.....
In other random events, we have a spa in the basement of our building, so I went to check it out! The sauna was like nothing I have seen before, if you can picture an Igloo, and a sauna mixed together, that's how the sauna was....like an igloo, you crawl in and then your in a huge circle room with mats on the floor. You sit for about ten minutes and crawl out.....pretty neat and about 65 degrees in there! They have another sauna room with rocks that look like salt on the floor, you basically sit on top of mats sitting on the salt/rock, oh ya in that one, there is a TV! Nothing like sweating and watching CSI......there is a few saunas like we know back home with wooden walls and benches, one is a "cool sauna" with an air conditioner! WTF??? One is set up to about 75 degrees or freakin hot! In separate areas they have the "bath houses" for men and women, the saunas are coed but the baths are not. They're big "hot tubs" basically with different stuff in the water like green tea and jets to make bubbles for massage. Kinda weird but it was relaxing. Nobody that i have seen goes to this place, I think there was 10 people there besides us. There is a gym down there too, I'm thinkin of joining, i mean its so close and the sauna is included in the very expensive $91 dollar a month charge. $120 if you don't live in the building.
Winter time is almost here, yup I said it LOL time to do some indoor stuff and I think I'm gonna start with going to the free Korean lessons on Saturdays, well there like free you have to make a donation and you can go when you can, there is no obligation to go every week. That's just some stuff I been thinking about.........
Ps- Ms D has cancelled her blog, I think she is starting a twitter account???

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DoubleDee said...

Hey there.... love reading your stuff... those trucks are neat... I have actually seen about half dozen here in town that are for sale at a car lot... I'll try to take some pics of them & send to you too.... take care my friend!!! Miss ya :)