Thursday, October 1, 2009

Says Hey There Man With The Stare, Could I Help You To Get Yourself Somewhere?

Took a little bike ride down the river
12k round trip to be exact.
T got a bike, i took it for a test ride
It works good!
Our new apartment is on the Tancheon river witch goes through Bundang all the way to Seoul I'm guessing about a 50-60km path !
The Korean lessons I wanted to attend, have been cancelled due to swine flu. There is still classes available, but they cost alot as compared to the original plan.
They have been cancelling big public gatherings like the flea market because of the swine flu, I'm not sure why they consider Korean classes a big public gathering....but there cancelled. I sent some Soju in the mail to "the Man" as part of our wedding gift....Now we wait to see if it makes it to Canada......any bets?
Speaking of Soju...this weekend here in Korea is "Chuseok" or Korean thanksgiving the whole city is closed, people spend time with there family's cooking and eating.
Today I was on the bus going for lunch near Ms'D's school, there was a older man arguing with the bus driver to let him off , not at the bus stop like everyone else, but HERE, halfway between stops.. the bus driver did, but I'm guessing some words were said because people were laughing and the driver was yelling!
Moving now on to the subway there was a fella who clearly had to much Soju, He was yelling and carrying on in Korean, I didn't understand him but people were laughing so I guess he was funny! I guess the party has started for some this holiday weekend...ours starts tomorrow! Shanghai here we come!

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