Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Runnin Red Lights In Our HumVees

Went to Daegu, Korea's 3rd largest city and home of many temples and Buddhas.
I got myself a case of pharyngitis, or extreme soar throat, so we only got to see one area and I(we) had to go. There is a few more way up the mountain, which were way cooler but I had no energy to do that hike :(

Monks had air conditioning
who knew?


people praying to the BIG Buddha

rock miniature

Lion 1 of 4

Inside a temple

The BIG Buddha

Some cool looking dudes inside one of the buildings.

Snakes on the stairs

All the Buddha/temple stuff is really amazing to see, and very interesting to learn about. Lots of attention to details and very Asian, but
truth be told this is more my style!

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Alkamoia said...

Northern Ontario isnt going anywhere. Enjoy the scenery from another country.....its a part of history and a once in a life time experience!! You will be home soon one day!!
The pictures are amazing :)...what a site to see!