Monday, October 26, 2009

Bigger Boats Done By Less Water

Attended an airshow this weekend, pretty cool I must say
was an all day event with two shows that had pilots from the US
and Pilots from Korea's acrobatic air team also many exhibits including this one
showing off all the bombs that can be attaches to various fighter jets
the crowd was overwhelming at times good thing I'm tall......
Despite the crowd I would go to another airshow in a heartbeat !!

I'm not sure if you remember but in a previous fish market post I told you Koreans eat anything, well I found out now they also eat it anywhere.

The USA's Thunderbirds

My Friend Jenny and a massive plane

Stealth planes were there too

The noise from these jets is crazy!
Sonic boom and a half!
If you were not expecting a jet to come from a different direction than the one you were lookin It scares the shit out of you!

I been having a little dilemma the airshow was great but to get to it from the subway you have to walk through the Moran Market, sounds harmless right well that's the market where they sell everything including livestock and dogs to eat. I took some pictures in between gaging from the smell of the dog market. I got yelled at from a vendor for taking the pictures of his shitty business operation, he kept yelling, I kept taking pictures. I mean seriously what do you expect your running a dog market and expect no one to care....The Koreans say they only eat one breed of dog and they are bred for eating kinda like cows or pigs. I saw several different breeds in the cages so I call bullshit to that! I also call bullshit to the way their treated and "processed" It's pretty inhumane and all around disgusting! I can't do much about it as this is not my country except tell people about this inconvenient truth and raise some awareness?? Korea is not the only Asian country that has these markets......So the dilemma is to post or not to post the pictures I a comment and lemme know what ya think!


khawk said...

Don't post them.

Alkamoia said...

If you post the pictures, you are drawing attention to yourself that you dont need; stay low key. Save the pictures, and show us later.

DoubleDee said...

Ahhhh.. don't post... don't wanna see that :( Good for you to keep snappin' pics, even tho the dude wanted you to stop... A$$hole!

Mr Pancake said...

Dude you know me.. Never ate dog before. Might be good. Besides who made up the rule that dogs are friends cows are hamburgers?

All gods creatures are lunch :)

Joycey Joyce said...

you think the livestock industry in north america is humane or sanitary?!?!?!

i know it's gross to look at and they are dogs (mans best friend and all) but come on, you eat meat! just because it is a dog doesn't make it any different from a cow.

Also at the moran market they are killed much more humanely (pulled out of the cage and shocked) then they were in the past (hung up and beaten) which still happens but not to the same degree.

anyway, my point is that the meat industry is SICK here and at home, and I think you should post the pictures, people should see them!