Friday, May 18, 2007

Hunny Are Ya Mad At Yer Man???

Any one wanna bring an extra 200 pound fishing with them this weekend, Gimme a call! well I am actually broke ass, otherwise I would have planned a fishing trip to call my own!

Ok if your not going fishin and you want to donate some cash for the cause buy a tshirt from t shirt hell ......I get get a shirt!

In other news I may join a rock climbing group they meet on wed nights. I went this wed and it was tonnes of fun outta the sun!

Have a good long weekend folks and be good!


Teri said...

you should definitely join the climbing group. where will you guys climb? I climbed out at Pass Lake, it was alright... but pretty small-scale. (well hell, it's pass lake, I mean, c'mon...) first time, got about half-way up, turned and looked over my shoulder... and I was higher than the tree tops and telephone poles, and had a clear view of the lake... and then I began to panic, because I was about to shit my pants in a high place with my boyfriend directly below me on the ground. that's a touch un-sexy. now, I try to make sure I'm "sans deuce" before I go...
moving on.... rock climbing (without the poop) is dead sexy. dooooo it.

Anonymous said...

Im in yer blog readin yer shit. Dont get depressed about anything. I know the habbit. Alot happens in ONE year.

The Man said...