Friday, May 25, 2007

It Ain't Traning Unless it's Raining!

The body is Sore .....really sore That's the double truth Ruth!
Dragon Boat practice was in full effect. We had a new lady coaching us last night , she threw in a couple of different pieces, routines and my oblique muscles are especially sore, and the rest of my body is tender .....No Pain No Gain! or as the guy was yelling from the comfort and safety of the boathouse...." It ain't training unless it's raining"
In other news it seems as though the corporation I work for is in the news again , this time for a 44 month investigation which led to the arrest of 15 people for scamming 2 million dollars!
I say good for them, If it was not them it would have been someone else and in Canada, It's a hard life being poor!
Have a good weekend!


bjorko said...

Jasně že ne - i my z jaderky se takhle poznáme.

The Man said...


khawk said...

lol. Did you boff any exchange students this weekend, Gold? Maybe it means "Why didn't you call me on Sunday?"

Teri said...

hey you should copy/paste that into Babelfish and see what it says. Ok, I will. :)

Teri said...

Out that no as well as we out of jaderky to takhle make a note of.

it almost makes more sense in its original form. jebus.