Thursday, June 7, 2007

Let's Take A Trip To The MoonBaby

You have to be nice to boobs because they out number people 2-1
Boobies make me smile!

You have to be nice to the microbrewer because he could give you beer 2 for the price of 1
Beer makes me smile!

The Acoustic guitar says alot more then it's electric cousin
Acoustic/Electric guitars make me smile.

This is my new favorite song
It sometimes makes me smile.

My favorite bumper sticker says "Think Fast Hippie" I saw it on a chairlift pole in Whistler BC.
I smiled.

I often wonder what happens to the water when you or I run the tap and it goes down the drain, does it get filtered and put back in the lake? the reason I wonder is.... at work they run the water in the sink constantly for hours to thaw what ever need thawing we live next to the biggest lake in the world how about we drain it....anyhoo It fuckin pisses me off !Not Smiling...
Whew got into a rant there
After a rant I'm usually smiling.

I wonder why people always click so good together while chatting online , via email or facebook maybe cause people are more relaxed , brave not sure....
Chatting with "cool" people makes me smile.

Bloggin is relaxing
Relaxing makes me smile.

Just for fun Name the Hip tune that starts like........
"I love you even when I don't even know i'm doing it"
*hint* It's off there best album

I should go on rock and roll jeopardy and kick some ass
That would make me smile.

The question of the day.....birthday suit or wetsuit?
Are ya smiling?


Anonymous said...

Although i love the Hip, i can't think of the song, but any women would love to hear their man say that to her!

Arfurr K. Hrrm said...

"the workers lerned the song of the hips was Impossibilium.
it maded the worker feel gooded he knowed it."

The Man said...

We Have A Winner!!! DID you phone a friend?

Teri said...

looks like bjorko has no comment...

khawk said...

Mr. Hrrm did not phone a friend, he just had plenty of free time to search lyrics on the internet last night.

Does he win a prize?