Monday, June 18, 2007

There Is Something way Deep Down Inside Me That Says ....Where Ya Been all My Life?

I have a wedding to attend in August, I'm lookin for a date.The wedding is huge like 400+ people. The soon to be groom told me to stay away from his outta town cousins, he says "they are hot but I'm watchin you Goldie." so I better start looking for a "date date." my friends are having kids left and right, people are moving in and moving out(of town) I think Sean's biological clock is ticking....Don't get me wrong It will take a pretty special lady to settle me down. In the meantime Im gonna grow a mullet, get my earpierced and buy a convertable.


The search continues I guess.........Although I do have a odd feeling about the next year or so.....this feeling is what brought this post to life.
Enough of that! In other new and exiting biznitxh
I had a friend growing up , he was killed in a car accident like 10-15 yrs ago I cant remember the year off the top of my head .......anyhooo through the facebook craze his brother got in touch with me I have not seen/ heard or talked to him since before my friend died. Unbeknownst to me he lives in Winnipeg now and runs/ owns a Tattoo Parlour Hit the link below to check it out!

Ok I stold the picture from The Tattoo Guru' s myspace. There ya go, Cool Beans!

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Teri said...

maybe you wanna borrow cool george..? or his sister, Fast Sally? ;)