Monday, June 11, 2007

Lemme Tell Ya Because Your A Friend Of Mine, If My Name Was Courage ....Ide Wanna Be On Time!

Timing is everything at least that's the old saying :
There are some events in life I look back on and wonder how it would have been different if the timing was there. Like I could have been a hockey player , golfer or an accountant. Not that that stuff really interests me right now present day but my dad was a hockey coach I didn't play. I got into golf about 10yrs ago with some friends who have moved we used to golf alot. I went yesterday for the first time in about 10yrs suddenly I remembered why I don't golf.......or at least golf well, If I stuck with it I might be avid. I went to college for accounting and I dropped out for 2 reasons I had attendance problems and I thought I don't want to spend a third of my life at a desk.........That's why I'm standing up and typing this.
I keep reading my horoscope at work and it keeps telling me something I been working on is gonna be great or work on publishing something and things will fall into place, blah blah blah It never says take the day off or you will meet a nice girl soon.
Like Matt Good Say's " I read my horoscope and I just can't pull it off alone"
(Name that tune you Internet researcher non music fan booooyaa)
Speaking of nice girls I wonder If I blew off the "right one" because of the timing and the situation I was in at the time.....Or maybe that was supposed to happen who knows. Its life man get in shut up and hang on!
Timing is everything least that's the old saying.


Teri said...

horoscopes are shite.
(however, i read mine regularly, too.)
but this is more interesting, go here:
mine's prety bang-on, maybe yours is too.
fun little time-suck.

The Man said...

Your a Scorpio?

Anonymous said...

if your having second thoughts about the right girl you may have blown off because of timing, do something about it!

Teri said...

no. i'm a sagittarius.