Wednesday, March 26, 2008

She's Naked On The Phone
Someone in town here ordered a shitload of this stuff
I saw it on a purolator truck...nothing but xango boxes
I'm curious as to what it's like....then again I'm not

Hope ya liked the tractor pics care of Ms doodle
Secretly She thinks my tractors sexy
or she humors me... either way I'm a lucky guy!
I secretly want it to snow for 2 reasons
1- It's warm out
2 -I get to plow snow with the new tractor
I know what your thinking small things small minds blah blah blah
but it's fun!

Trying to build a birdhouse with the new chop saw
it turned into a bird mansion
it's almost done, just the roof to go
all in all woodworking is a new hobby for me
I'm not that good at it but seem to really enjoy it
I say this cause the time fly's when I'm in the shop
stay tuned for some pics

Gotta get some of my last years bills and receipts together
Gotta get my taxes done like yesterday
broke ass O broke ass
It sucks
I need a gigantic refund
witch at this point might get me out of the red
probably not.

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