Wednesday, March 19, 2008

She Has Trouble Acting Normal When She's Nervous

There is something to be said about
a well thought out plan
a well thought out practical joke
Now as much as I want to tell my new supervisors off
and walk out the door with a huge shit eating grin on my face
that would not be a well thought out plan
seriously tho I had a fuckin nuff
(not of the job but the politics and lack of consistency in everything)
Here's an example ...if you ever played monopoly or cards with a young kid
they change or make up the rules as they go along to benefit them
Exactly...except these people are adults in a position
to flex there supervisor muscle
Anyhoo enough about that and back to the original post idea
Ahhh yes the well thought out plan
When you were a kid
you may have known someone who stole a "House For Sale" sign from one yard
and put it up in someone Else's yard or on a city business or something
So this summer I was walking around Boulavard lake
I notice a property for sale sign....
keep walking and I notice another sign of the same company
keep walking and another similar sign
all the way around the lake 5km of for Sale signs from the same realtor
now that is a well thought out plan/ joke I give whoever did that 2 thumbs up!
It must have taken a while to steal all those signs never mind put them all up.
That gave me my next Idea I would be willing to sell " Drink The Koolaid"
For the low low price of $500 includes 1 blog and 3 free tutorials

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