Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ticking Away The Moments That Make Up A Dull Day..

Ever wake up and put certain aspects of life into a sorta chess game scenario? Of course this only happens in one's head, you think to yourself If I do this....this will happen or If I don't do this he/she might do this and this will happen. Maybe its good to think things through but I prefer to call it "chess" Like at work I play "chess" with people all day long I win some and lose some. Now the single guy that I am has to have a plan of some sort. Of course my chess game here is a little backwards.<<>> The king(that's me) trying to get the queen(who is a good player)where as in real chess the queen or any piece for that matter has to get the king for checkmate, this could be over in minutes or last a long time.
Now I could say hypothetically in this virtual chess match or matches or everyday life . I have a few pawns out there, a knight and a rook , maybe a queen. They could make no real difference in the big scheme of it all but hey they are also very helpful to one's game. The only goal, at least in this game is to get the queen before the game becomes this post.

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