Monday, July 2, 2007

Were at the 100TH Meridian folks...see a black line just step on over it....step on over it!

The 100th post!.>>> insert pat on the back here<<<

OK so its Hangover day and I need food. I dont feel like cooking anything so I zip down to mr sub go in and there is thid dude ahead of me in line wearin snow pants and a denim shirt. I think this guy is a little off and he was ordering his sub at the time. Ths guy could not make a desision to save his want green or black olives >>insert long pause here<<<<> black..for every topping this happened.........finally the sub gets built.
Now its time to pay He just standing there then says I just sold my computer yesterday and don't have any money till tomorrow can I leave my wallet here and pay tomorrow? The girl behind the counter was like no .......This is where I snap from across the restaurant I say OK some of us are hungry here and been waiting for 10 fuckin minutes for you you don't have cash,Shit or get off the pot u know what i mean? jesus christ pay the lady or get the fuck outta the way
He said I'll go bum the cash Don't throw the sub out then he left, I ate and he never came back.


Anonymous said...

Shoulda went to Quizno's!!

Teri said...

i wear snow pants in july--all the time. nothin' wrong with that; some people are just naturally cold. they need woodstoves, etc. you know.