Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Power Player...

SO my neighbours think im fried, you probably do too but from a neighbours point of view this is how I roll. Was outside with my trusty weed eater trimming the hedges yup it works way better then the electric hedge trimmer for two reasons one the trimmer it takes a long time and two I always end up cutting the fucking cord. The weed whacker requires a little more finesse because of branches flying everywhere and neighbours lookin out their windows from across the street. Wear sunglasses and seriously
I recommended using the weed eater.
On a separate note for all you dog lovers....
Ya know in January when your little furry k9 friend leaves a nice lawn sausage for you to pick up cause it's cold you can chip it over the fence with a 9 iron in july it's warm if you try that it's quite messy...... so try weed whacking it by accident!


Teri said...

OMG--hilair! i think an old friend of mine lives on your street--she told me about some crazy baked potato who mows everything with his weed whacker--it must be you!! that's effin' HILAIR that i know about that all the way over here!!
you're a whacking legend.


The Man said...

But I am a whacking legend in my own mind!

Anonymous said...

I agree, you ARE hilarious Sean!!