Tuesday, July 10, 2007

She Keeps Broken Dreams, To Fix Up And Sell....

This car comes with a pussy magnet or a penis extension whatever you like! NICE WHIP! I wanted to look at something that got me dreaming, put a smile on my face just something that didn't piss me off today. I am in a great mood but the smallest things are setting me off here in the workplace.Maybe I'm tired but I came back from my vacation missing my people skills or at least the skills to deal with the turkeys here!
Maybe its supposed to happen like this......who knows? I am pretty bored here!
How many government employees does it take to move a box? 6 is the answer 1 to lift and 5 to stand around and talk about how much better they can do it. Guess who's not talking.
One thing I was trying to figure out where is this pussy magnet?

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