Monday, October 1, 2007

Lesbian Music

I stole this picture from miss 604
Got through at 7am for the no BS contest by that I mean I got it to ring however it just kept answer and no $100 maybe later today I will be lucky!
I need to win this week or I'm gonna be skinny
Collected the rent this AM well it was late last night however it is already gone
jeep parts and water bill = goodbye October rent cheque
I am going to Duluth this weekend kinda pumped It's been awhile not really a plan just going for the sake of going.
They got a freshwater aquarium and its open all year were going
Maybe I'll do some shopping after
as gay as that is, I need some clothes
American beer sucks , but it's cheap
specially when the dollars at par
and the mall is busy.
It will be fun
but expect some drunken dialing!

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