Monday, October 1, 2007

Dirty Little Rockstar

Your feeling horny and think Flirting is harmless? maybe even Healthy The way I see it
Look at the menu and eat at home.....That's coming from me Mr skirt chaser you heard it here first.
Anyhow for those that are a little more flirty and frisky constantly getting in trouble
You should click here this could be for you.
Don't say I don't try to help!
Ps- I love the disclaimer!


Teri said...

skirt chaser.

Anonymous said...

What's the hold up-why don't you and this Teri broad hook up already! You've wasted alot of time by the looks of things?!

The Man said...

wasted alot of who's time? and If you can read she's not even in town....

khawk said...

Just be sure you wash yer bum before crossing the border, in case they decide to give you the glove treatment.

...or don't wash it, if you want them to remember you better next time.

Anonymous said...