Thursday, October 25, 2007

Writers Bloc De Quebec

Learned something new today
and you thought I forgot
Ask me to use it in a sentence and I'm fuck'd
Ask me to keep doin what I'm doin and I'm fine
Never heard the word till Monday Morning
sometimes I hide from things I don't know
like widgets
I know what a widget has to do with a can of Guinness
but on a computer?? Ya don't ask
OK Moving on here I got my physio/massage this am
what felt like15 min = $40
They make you take your shoes off when you enter
Most physio places are like that......Who Knew?
Neck is more sore after but doc says no pain no gain
Even in the wallet I say....
I got "the look" and booked two more appointments @ $40 EA
I get reimbursed $25 per visit from work but I have to pay up front
I wonder If that's a tax write-off?
On a side note while doing this post
I noticed Matthew Goods new CD has alot of "The Who"
sounding guitar in it
Know what I mean??


khawk said...

7. to impress favorably; charm; enamor: He was smitten by her charms.

It's this one, right?

"He was smitten with a kitten, until he got bitten after hitting it with a mitten."

Teri said...