Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bongs, Blogs , Wheat Kings and Pretty Things!

Fired up the Apocalypse it's 633am (It's loud the tenant loves this 5 days a week) The radio's on and I'm sleepy.It's not the coming to work that bothers me It's the 8 hours I have to wait to go home that pisses me off.
Had another chainsmokin sausage party at my house last night
I mean it's OK cause there is not much a doing on a Tuesday night
It was comical anyhow We talked Jeeps Toyota's and cheap american vehicle prices
4inch lift's with 33inch tires
the Toyoltal package The Rubicon and of course The Boston whaler
Dreams and Guy talk I guess
you trepak'ed around my head popping in popping out
Roadtrippin in a brand spankin new jeep would be top notch
specially if I had someone to help me wave!
By the way....If you have to ask at what
you wouldn't understand.

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