Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Turkey Bingo

Good Day eh!

I been brushing up on my American, since I'm going to corporate America this weekend
This is what I got so far:
Ya'all come back now ya hear
Candy bar not chocolate bar
It's A Tab not a Bill.
Can I get a Ceasar here?.....No Just Bloody Mary's ....yuk
Can I get a Whiskey and cola?
Blacktop= Highway or road
Moosehead beer is imported from Canada really?

Now add the Polish twist:
ya'allski come back now ya hearski
Cundy barski not chocolate barski
It's a tabski not a Billski
Can I get a Whiskey- ski and cola?

Ya'all get the point I think when I cross the border I'm gonna be the Polish American and then When were in the great Us of A.... I will just blend in with the lingo and people.
Truth is I would be going Hunting if I was not going to Duluth. All of it is a wicked great time.
**Sigh*** There is somewhere I would rather be but That's not gonna happen till Novemberishski.


The Man said...

This post is the coles notes version I had a whole speel written out then the power went out heer at work....lost the post.
Anyone see a hottie with ontario plates?

Teri said...

haha.... whisky-ski.
whatcha wearin?