Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Short Wave Radios

"Bloggin like its hot scene 1 take 19"

Had a good massage on the neck.....felt great till today
freekin sore today...Have to go back for 3-5 more sessions
Doc says that should do it.
Can't wait
Last night had a friend of mine over
I have not seen him in at least 10 years
It was a good visit, The ironic part He's from/lives in Vancouver
and we were drinking tasty BC brewed Kokanee Gold all the way
Ran outta beer so we went for......you guessed it
Chicken Wings and of course Beer.(we took a cab)
We talked about getting old, parents getting old,
good times, bad times, dogs,cats and touches of grey then
I gave him all my bar stool prophet skirt chasing advise for
I am a happy boy who has since retired.
"end scene"

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