Tuesday, October 16, 2007

He Drinks Tequila, She Talks dirty In Spanish

" Success is getting what you want , Happiness is wanting what you get"- some Chinese guy

Maybe I could write a book of quotes that are actually bumper stickers, I'm not sure it would sell but it would be definitely entertaining........ Like on a mechanics car He could put
" I'm not a gynecologist, but I'll take a look"
On a hippie van
"Think Fast Hippie"
On the Human resources office door
" You Can't spell Who Cares without HR"
OR for most cars of the people employed here
" It's hard to soar with the eagles....when you work with turkeys"
For the boys
" Gonna pack with the wolves better learn how to howl" - Danny at Mawno

The other idea is a book written of short stories that all make up one story. Like if you were on a cross Canada road trip and every chapter could be a part of the big story or a part of the trip.
it could be creepy or pulp fiction ish maybe call it "confessions of a skirt chaser" or "what goes on the road stay's on the road" actually both those titles suck but you get the point
realistically tho I would need a partner to help write, or at least proof read cause sometimes my English is not so good. Why this guy does not have a blog is beyond me>> K Hawk is like a walking dictionary , and due to the fact that spell check over the years has made me dumb your phone may be ringing soon. Don't you owe me a beer?
Three more days till Friday ! and let me tell ya what that's awesome.
Miss You!


khawk said...

thanks four teling peeple that i spel more gooder than most. it meens a lut.

Teri said...

"Spock: The Untold Story"