Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Your Mouth's Writing Cheques Your Body Can't Cash!

I'm at work thinking about going to see the Led Zeppelin tribute band this Friday
I mention it to Bob He Say's to me "Led Zeppelin sucks" I don't know if I should punch him in the face or catch myself falling off my chair. He goes on to tell me "everybody who likes Zeppelin is or was a stoner, It's stoner music Gold" Now I'm fuk'n pissed because to me stoner music is more like The Grateful dead or Jefferson airplane or Pink Floyd( Whom I also really like) Zeppelin is a rock and roll band not no candy ass incense and peppermints type shit. I say your new nickname Bob is "NO Clue Bob" or NCB for short. I take it a step further and well now were doin a survey here at work. So far I'm winning by 2
The Question-----Do You like Led Zeppelin? A---Yes , No or Maybe
The question part 2----Are you or were you a stoner? A-- Yes or No
Supporting examples are that EVERYONE knows who Led Zeppelin is and since they broke up 20+ years ago there still popular( according to NCB only with young stoners) So that in it's self says something. NCB could at least name 5 Zeppelin songs but I'm gonna get him a Brittany Spears CD for Christmas cause she does not do drugs right?
For the record I won the hundred bucks this 9am so I am going to the tribute concert
fo sure bitches!

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