Monday, October 8, 2007

Twisted Thoughts They Spin Round My Head....I'm Spinnin

Doin laps is for sissies except if your nuts or getting paid. The brain was working OT and I was walking in circles at work, I finished up all the "work" I had to do, lots of time for walkin. Over the weekend I was at the Great lakes aquarium in Duluth , gonna post some pics a little later, but at work today (lap 13) I was thinkin my visit to the GLA was the first time I felt like a kid again in a long time. Carefree and not "worrying" about day to day bullshit I loved it........Stay tuned for foto's Fell asleep last night a little cold, sad but smiling. Too Da Do Da Do Da Doooo

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Teri said...

why were you sad..?