Friday, October 12, 2007

Silence Is Golden.....Duct Tape Is Silver

Spacing out at work hoping this post would just write itself If you stare at it long enough it does!
This is what I would rather be doing with my Friday..... I'm tryin!
Scored some Moose steaks last night from a friend, the butcher was over in his garage so I came by to watch the show. I think butchering is like a hidden trade This guy was good!! Apparently Paul's moose was his second moose of the day. He said a big moose like this takes about 6 hours to clean.
Here's a little known fact You'll never find bones in moose meat the bone and bone marrow does something to the taste of the meat when cooked. So if someone tells ya they had a moose Tbone there full of it or it tasted like shit!
Guess what's for supper........ Moose Sirloin and _______ Fuk'n eh!
I may fill in the blank with these little squash I bought but have no idea what/how to make em
Guess what..... I may get cable so I can watch the food network and make some funky stuff over the winter(note to self call cable company)
I just had an idea .......Moose Chili hmmmmm
Moving on here
Feeling alot like a school kid these days
Have not felt like that in years, it's great!
Alone and wide awake thinking thoughts doing circles
when I'm supposed to be sleeping
So I made a decision
I'm totally cool with
that I'm gonna go for
even if it takes four months.


khawk said...

Interesting...Does this four-month plan involve animal, vegetable, mineral, or travelling thousands of miles in a single shot?

The Man said...

Yes Yes it does!