Tuesday, September 4, 2007

It's 11 oclock and Im One Hunderd Dollars Richer bitches!

So I sit down to tell ya all a story about my weekend and the cue to call comes on to call and win the Hundred dollars....I call and got through now Im like the title says One Hunderd dollars richer!
Had an awesome weekend! Did a little fishing, lots of 4x4 ing to get to the lake it was a six beer ride, my poor jeep took a beating it now sounds like a Harley. Did what I wanted to do all year and that was to get drunk by a campfire......mission sucsessful! Came back to town feeling refreshed, calm and surprisingly not hungover. I'll post some pics later I had no time last night.
When I was there I did not want to leave, It also made me think I need to do more of this tenting and exploring......
I hate the dentist the dentist hates me cause im one of those squirmy patients Im glad I only go every 9 months yup 2 days till my turn in the chair......dreading that fuck!
Well I got to go get my cash so ya'all have a good day!

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