Tuesday, September 11, 2007

If I Had The Money Hunny Would Ya Love Me Love Me Love Me?

Cruisin to my mom's in the jeep Trailer attached because being the good kid I am I went to pick up some tree and rose bush branches she wanted to send to the dump.
I'm driving up the quiet residential street thinking things I probably shouldn't , out of the blue I notice this guy waving frantically on the side of the road pointing.....I look Holy shit the power wire is fallen off the pole It is strung across the road, with another piece still hanging there. I would have drivin right through it or it woulda been too late to stop if that dude was not there to warn me....I thank him
I guess a transport driver thought it was a good idea to cruise the neighbourhood in turn he took the power wires out.
I got to my moms loaded the trailer and took a different way home.
On a separate note I'm gonna be really grouchy for a couple days I apologize in advance but the top is going on the jeep soon and summer is over........


The Man said...

I don't like the song the title came from It was in my head the time of publishing this post.
just sayin!

Double D said...

You are a very good boy... :) Helping your mom! Good thing you didn't hit the wires...with the top goin' on your jeep, you'd be the bbq.. by the way, do you still smell like goat?