Monday, September 17, 2007

September Seventeen , For A Girl I know It's Mothers Day..

Good day
Actually Great day!
Things seem to be going as expected not like yesterday.....
I went to tighten the wheel bearing in the jeep cause it was so worn the wheel was gonna fall of at some point
went to tighten the nut that presses the bearings can't tighten it....hmmmm
upon further discovery the whole wheel bearing and hub is in one piece.....3 bolts changes it all
Of course there's the $120 you have to spend on a new one
All in all a 15 minute job took 4 hours and 4 beer now the front end is solid
Another job well done!
I talked to the girl I had a major crush on for most of my childhood yesterday
The first time in 13+ years.
This was Also not expected but nice!
She's very successful and living in Calgary
She's still dam hot except now she's a MILF.....also not expected.
Then I thought of some choices I made in life
how things might have been different
If I moved to Calgary way back in the day
instead of working at a strip joint
instead of partying all the time
no regrets
but it makes me wonder.


Teri said...

maybe you should just move to indonesia
with a nice little girl
and then you wouldn't have to regret
not doing the thing
that you shoulda done.

Anonymous said...


The Man said...

Tempting very tempting....