Friday, September 14, 2007

Pretty Song For A Pretty Girl

Love chocolate milk
Im having a serious craving for
a big tall glass glass of the choco
It has to be in a glass or the carton it comes in
something about a plastic cup just ruins the
chocolatey goodness.

I was at the walk in clinic sitting in the lobby
I remember thinking this place is kinda like mouthwash or shampoo
call the patient in, swish em around , give em some Advil, kick em out
rinse and repeat
Turns out my neck is just fine according to doc just gotta ice it, However Mr Gold if you want some Advil I can prescribe that , I'm like no thanks.......
It's been 2 weeks I think there is something more then Advil can fix
My luck of course I get to see the dude and not the cute nerdy doctor chick that was working
Then it hit me ........I need a massage for my neck or a cute nerdy doctor chick!

As y'all may know I won the cash last week on the radio , this week it seems dam near impossible to get through I tried every hour for 4 days now and I can't even get it to ring

Wish me luck!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If I hear of a good rub-n-tug I will let you know.