Friday, September 28, 2007

Ride The Lightning

Taking a leak this morning I notice I need another coat of dentist green
in my bathroom
Guess what I'm doin tonight!
Guess what I'm not doing on Sunday night?
I really want to go see Matthew Good at the Auditorium
but I'm not
Why you ask......well I went to go get tickets like 5 weeks ago....
Third row floor seats were available, I had the cash.
Now see not alot of people really like Matt Good as his new disc and style of music is really mello
The friend that I was supposed to go with wanted mezz tickets, as opposed to the floor seats.
mezz tickets were to go on sale Sept 17 (Mothers Day) So I held out
then they didn't go on sale at all.
now I could be stuck with 20th row seats on the floor
except I'm broke now and not going.

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Wish I'd known Sean, coulda tagged along with me, but i've got company now!