Monday, September 24, 2007

My Inner Smile

Called in to work to work today .When the meds wore off in effort to not go completely insane, recharge my spidey sense and clear my head with some fresh air. I went for a walk round the boulevard lake
Beauty day and I can say I love all the seasons for different reasons , however I like fall time the best. The fresh air and I strolled along got rained on by falling leaves and I noticed trees....trees I never noticed before. All the leaves were changing colour fiery red, bright yellow,crazy orange and greenish. I walked and watched a crow chase a crow round and around this huge bright yellow leaf tree.....Loud fuckers but entertaining. I saw alot of geese kickin it in the lake....shouldn't they be leaving soon? I was dodging the goose poop(cause its everywhere) when A squirrel came running up and across the path, took one look at me from two feet away and fucked right off....didn't think i was that scary but I said HI!
Saw three city worker trucks cruising the road , noticed there is glass all across the path its been there for 2 days now , some jackass broke the streetlamp with a rock......
they kept driving
hopefully they backtrack clean it up
and some dog does not cut his/her paws.
my friend If I had a broom
I would have cleaned it up.

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