Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Little More On Biggus dickus....

Too weird!

I spent some time in Saskatchewan during my life Probably about a year and a half total. Anyhoo I was thinking about the province, a certain someone that's there in search of the drive through toilet, Dog River and the town of Estevan where I used to live. Estevan is small prob 10,000 people total. For the record Regina was not a place for me to live and when my job ended in Estevan we were supposed to go there, I left and came to Thunder Bay.

Watching the news last night They have a documentary called gimme shelter turns out it is about Estevan and the little boom that's going on there with oil and real estate.
Houses are cheap and they come with property....lots of property
There's work.......lots of work
Turns out people in big city's like Vancouver (where you could not afford a house if your life and friends lives depended on it) they are selling there fancy condos and moving to places like Estevan where they pay cash for there house , get a job and live mortgage free.

Now i would never move to Estevan..... been there saw the mall and the hockey team.
One cool thing I do miss about the prairies is the lightning storms Its almost worth a visit !
I wish a boom would happen here in Northwestern Ontario but I don't think so... at least not for awhile.People keep leaving here,which is understandable.... Hopefully you'll be back soon, at least for a visit cause I Miss you too!


Anonymous said...

It's gonna boom, you wait and see!

The Man said...

hopefully before the leafs win the cup.....

Teri said...

hey ya wanna move to estavan..?
beats indonesia.