Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pillow Talk

It's 7am and I'm one hundred dollars richer!
yet again proving my theory on 7-8-9 am is the best time to call
of course I won at 11am last time, but I can't blame .
I invented a new colour, well when I say I
I mean she invented a new colour
It's called Dentist Green
It's now the colour of my bathroom
looks like a hospital scrub colour.
Why do people or should I say where do people
come up with names for colours?
Like have you ever heard of "Russian white"
WTF is that?
Truthfully tho
Russian white is a nice colour
kind of a pinky brown white
I'm all giddy like a school kid today
not sure if it's the paint fumes from last night
or my new found fortune.


Teri said...

perhaps you could paint
a big toothy smile on the wall
--you know the kind--
and hang some
"motivational" pictures
start selling orthodontic things
from the bathtub area.
it's big enough.
gotta get rid of the spider first.

DoubleD said...

Once again.... You lucky Shit !!!