Friday, August 3, 2007

Hey Midnight, Turn On Your Lights...Roll Out Your Stars, Roll Out Your Stars

Got the new Matthew Good Cd It's pretty mello, but I like it !
So the song of the day is>>>>Metal Airplanes
On holidays after today, and today I woke up with the notion that I got 300+ friends on facebook but can't find anyone to go to Grand Beach with me.
Rather depressing

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Teri said...

i would go to grand beach with you if i was there.
(where's grand beach..?)
beach + water+ beer = teri's smile is as bright as the stars

go by yourself.
you could be one of those 30-something guys
that leers at the bikini girls
and eventually gets a pounding from some chick's beefcake boyfriend.
sounds great.
lemme know how it goes (aka, lemme know how big the shiner is).