Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I Guess words Are A MotherFucker....They Can Be Great!

Welcome back........ya so I took a few mental health days off work Just got back today and I feel fine minus the fact im at work



It started right after work I went to get some ugly shoes and met my reliable drinking buddy at the shoe store so long story short>>>Drunk as fuck I was supposed to go visit a friend whom I have not seen/talked to in 5 yrs +. She was having a bonfire and some people over the problem was I was not driving and nobody wanted to drive me/ go. Needless to say I did not make it
She's mad

Saturday :
I went to the farm to get the play by play on feeding the animals because for the next two weeks I'm farmer Sean Of course there was many beer involved in the training 0hh ya I also left with a old beat up riding lawn mower for the cost of a case of beer.

Sunday :
Did some laundry and painting also I got a phone call it kinda went like this


Hey Sean'


Whatcha doin?

Painting just hanging out on a ladder sweating my balls off

Whatcha doin?

I'm at the marina having breakfast


What's up

Wanna go sailing today?

Really , fuckin eh I'll go


Meet me at pier 3

OK in 1/2 hour

I'll watch for ya

cool bye


So I went sailing for the first time in my life on Sunday It was a 27ft boat Only one hairy moment out on the Gitche Gumee where the boat was at about 4o degree angle I was hanging off the side trying to tighten the rope for the front sail, shit was falling off the counter down below the waves were splashing us a good 30 seconds of shitting your pants anyhoo the whole thing was a fuckin blast! The thing I like about sailing is the speed you can get with no motor noise.

I got ready for work, packed my lunch and was just about to go and decided to call in sick I have not called in since February. Put my lunch in the fridge, went back to bed ,was actually ill. Was freaking hot all day so I went swimming in the evening, found a wedding date and my shoes!
I came to work and left a hour into my shift, slept all day and felt better
I absolutely hate when people just "pop" on over without calling I smoked a reef and was doing some housework **knock knock** It's my mom I give her shit for not calling first and tell her nobody just pops by when you live in the country and how I would like to move far far into the country.
She's mad and leaves
Then My buddy Shawn pops over....same thing I give him shit for just popping over
Fuck I hate that ......How hard is it to understand COME OVER ANYTIME JUST CALL FIRST!
What happens if I was beating it in the kitchen and all of a sudden company's there Not cool for the company or for me. He brings beer but decides to drink mine Till I notice... He did not even put his in the fridge I give him shit explaining how I just won the lottery and I can afford to buy beer all the time for everyone so clean me out and take yours home......He left me a couple of his beer to replace mine .....thanks and leaves mad....
I'm making friends all over these days I guess it takes all kinds
I decided no more games with people Just gonna tell everyone from now on what I'm thinking and if they like it or don't like it that's the way I roll bitches!
One more thing Why are people so different when online like on facebook as opposed to in person?
Sneaky eh....


Anonymous said...

because NOBODY tells it like it really is, easier when your not face to face! And I know how you hate anonymous comments-but i guess i'm one of them. HA!

khawk said...

So, this wedding date, anyone I know?

I'm assuming it's a female...?

Teri said...

what's with all the attitude lately...?! sounds like you've been in a bad mood for the last 30 years. :)

The Man said...

As far as the mood goes.....Im all good now!! sorta

LOL the wedding date yes happens to be female