Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Champions Of Nothing!

What the hrmmm happened to you? Hey Sean .......Hey
Ohh hey Was kinda spacing out there for a minute .....what's up?

The above is an example of what's been happening alot lately! It's not from smoking too much pot rather, I Think it is from this voice in my head that says your spinning your wheels not really going anywhere Gold do something about it
I keep telling myself after summer is over We'll look into some options. I was supposed to pick up a shift at Centerfolds for some part time cash but The Aug 18 start date has been changed The weekend after I will be in Duluth for the Dragon boat festival so that's out Maybe after the summer. I also have my sister calling me every other day bugging me to move to Edmonton
The problem is I like my house here, there is alot of moneymakin potential off the house if I rented it. Although there is not to many people I trust from 2000 km away it's an idea.
These are the Things left to do (the cheap stuff)
Paint the bathroom green
another coat for the outside trim (fuck)
try on wedding clothes for the Friday Wedding
Things I wanna do but .......there is complications like money
Roof shingles
Sofit and fascia
fence for the one side of the house
On a separate note I had to fork out $10 because someone stole my parking pass (Cocksucker!)outta my jeep and I needed a new one. It is $2 a day otherwise if I was to pay everyday. Also I went grocery shopping and after I was done I came out to find a ripe granny smith apple sitting on my passenger seat.....that was weird So Apparently I traded my park pass for an apple???
Also The spidey sense has been acting up lately , so I tried to call someone about it and their cell phone was off........DAM!

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