Friday, August 24, 2007

Lost To The Treasures That Compel Us......

The party continues ....In effort to not become a fat bastard from the non stop beer drinking I went for another walk yesterday to blow off some steam and get some exercise. Me and my schlep luck got caught in the rain I was mad at first thinking what good luck I have Then after a bit I thought , I like walking in the rain as gay as that sounds but I do only if you get caught in it. I dragged my soaked ass home to find two postcards in my mailbox........One from Singapore and one from Bali, I was happy this totally made my day my little travelling, blog writing totally nerdy cool friend sent me postcards.
Do you have any idea how long it's been since I got a 12+ yrs
Then I open face book and the girl I had a crush on for the better part of my life has added me as a friend I have not talked to her in 13yrs + for sure. Yup she's a MILF that does not live here.
So all in all twas a good day!
On a side note only successful applicants will be contacted about the girlfriend job Please no phone calls !
So it is 3am wed and My friend from outta town leaves my house cos I got to catch a 3hr nap before work He leaves and my other buddy is putting his shoes on I look there is someone walking up my driveway. Last Wed I had some people at my house and this girl borrowed a sweater unbeknowst(sp) to me I did not think she was gonna return it a week later at 3:18am
So my buddy takes off being the good wing man he is She's like Hi I brought your sweater its all washed .... I'm like cool but that's a little extreme being 3am but thanks! I gotta go to bed and she left.
Who does that?
Reminds me of the story on why people stand so close to people in elevators , Really it doesn't but it's definitely abnormal psychology
or hornology not sure....

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