Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Mean You Crush Me, Now You Know.....

Had a total grey moment yesterday here's how it went

Got home from work and figured I would have a little nap now normally I hit the couch for a bit afterwork but for some odd reason I ended up in my bed. My cell alarm never went off and when I rolled over it was 730 I look out the window and the suns up, I'm like fuck ripping off my t shirt and shorts thinking it's Wed morning and I'm late for work.(no that's never happened before) When I finally clue in that it is 730 at night after trying to call the supervisor. I realize I missed the 7 o'clock Dragon boat practice double Fuck! I went for a walk around boulevard to look at some girls and at least do some kinda exercise

I made missing the practice up tho by going to dry land training after my walk and eye candy tour. I guess the team practices for an hour then drinks for two or three or four! See I know how to pick em!!.......Anyhoo left them there and I ended up at my usual watering hole after for some wings , more beer and someones bright idea to buy a round of liquid cocaine shooters. She's there I say Hello on our way out. I finally get enough balls to ask her for her number after about a half year of flirting ........scores! Gotta love the single life***Insert sarcasm here***
Now I'm wondering weather Im the boxer or the bag......

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