Monday, August 20, 2007

Don't Fuck The Princess.....Do The Maid!

Wrap your heads around this......Out for a hike with a friend yesterday .....I post some pics after but anyhoo on the way back she's like do ya wanna see something that will probably freak you out....Im like what, sure I guess
So we get off the highway down this dirt road and she stops the car
We get out and start walking up this trail it's not marked If you did not know it was there you probably would drive by it. It was so well maintained it look like someone ran a lawn mower up and down it. Were walking along and there's a picture on the tree , then another tree and another picture all religious scenes then we get to this beautiful cherry red bench in the middle of the guessed it more pictures anyhow there are 13 pics in total Finally we get to the top of the trail and there is this tomb type thing made of rocks. inside there is a bunch of rosaries and a couple urns surrounded by flowers, another cherry bench with a engraved name on it , a statue of a woman holding a baby girl. There is a few homemade crosses around the area
I guess the story is a dude had a wife and a kid they were killed in a car crash , he in turn burried them up there, now people go there and pray for there loved ones. There is a large baggie full of pictures and obituary's I even saw one from Iowa. There were lots of film containers strung together with plastic chain In each container there was a name
This place is creepy but the view of lake superior is absolutely beautiful from there.
All in all the weekend was good, just thought I would share the weird things that happen to me!
For the record No Im not going back there......


Anonymous said...

Well, that's too bad, I'm too hot to be a nerd! Nice to know the PLAYER gets played once in a while to though!

khawk said...

Anonymous digs suck. Knuckle up and post your name or username so "The Man" has an idea who his admirer is.

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