Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Who Are You To Wave Your Finger....You Musta Been Outta Your Head!

It appears as tho were at a bit of a crossroad here's why
Lately like the last month maybe month and a half, I have been kinda toning down the content I write on here in effort not to piss people off. Why I'm worried about pissing people off I'm not sure. The problem is I think it is starting to effect my creativity. A little known fact is that people that are artsy and have a more of a creative way of thinking are more likely to get or bring out bi polar disease they don't even know they had ..... weird eh could be the reason for the major daily change in moods. Don't ask why I know that I just do
Anyhow I may remove the advertising of the blog site address from places like face book and msn. Just go wide and type it as it comes or I may just continue to write in a creative toned down kinda way. Change the comments section so unanimous comments are no longer allowed
Some thoughts:
I think part of me wants to recruit people to blog hence the advertising and toned down content comments allowed
I think part of me wants to write a book about my strip joint career believe me that won't be toned down but on the other hand it has to be to sell.
I think I got to have a Porno Pizza before I die
I think I'm old enough to be her dad but all I want her to do is call me daddy!
I think were almost outta rope so click the links people and voice your thoughts!

I think my new favorite song is The Pot by Tool........fukin eh!
Rock On Wonton!

1 comment:

khawk said...

THE MAN wrote-- Change the comments section so unanimous comments are no longer allowed

I think it is unanimous that the man means anonymous, lol.

Anyways, Write whatever the fuck you think of and fuck the ones that don't like it. If your holding back on what you want to write you shouldnt be blogging in the first place, and it will kill your interest in it quick.