Friday, January 11, 2008

Delicate Sound Of Thunder

This is a lengthy debate
The one where everyone has a theory
but this morning I bet everyone's theory was shot
You all know when you walk under a streetlamp
as you pass under it It goes out
Weird you say
well it happens to me all the time
but in particular this morning
2 separate street lights went out 2 separate times
normally the odd one will go out when I'm near it
timing? luck? energy to or from your body?
take your guesses
I'm miffed???????


Anonymous said...

if you will it-it will......

The Man said...

Thanks for that one.....That one

Alison said...

It must be the "Gold" blood because this happens to me all the time particularly on the street we live on....there are two lamp posts and everytime I drive by or walk by it either flickers on or off. Freaky!!!