Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Put On Your Shoes, Hit The Road , Get Truckin

Happy New Year!
Well 2008 should be interesting
I have some "resolutions" of my own
First I wanna say this blog has been going for a year
give or take a week
Gonna keep it going as best I can
I will admit it has been tough to write everyday
Since my motivation is taking a blogging break
It Might be contagious
Today I'm gonna go down to the pipe fitters union hall
Gonna throw my name in for an apprenticeship
If all goes well I will have a new job
exciting and scary
Thing is I'm the best I can be right now
Gonna be making the same money per year as 5yrs from now
That is NFG
I'm broke now with no relief in sight
So I decided
I need to grow and Change is good
I'm gonna take a chance
After all is that not what living is about?

1 comment:

Teri said...

here's some motivation:
i'm so proud of you
i could burst.