Thursday, January 31, 2008

Stand And Deliver Or The Devil He May Take Ya

In a really good mood today
considering how my day started
Heading out for work
Say good bye and start cruising
It sounded like this
Sputter Sputter Sputter ppt ppt Sputter Clunk
Fuck fuck FUCK
The Jeep ran outta gas in the middle of Cumberland st
Twas my own fault, and the fact the gas guage is broken
All I gotta say is walking at 630am in -35 soakes alot of cork.
Thanks to Teri-teri-bo-berry for putting up with my shlep luck
and of course for the ride back to the jeep
Got some gas
She fired Off to work I go 1 hour late
Bonus is I never got docked for my absence
As a fellow co-worker saw my jeep in the middle of the road
confirming my story.

I thought I had money problems
You thought you had money problems
check this out
Im broke as a joke and right now
After seeing that I feel rich
When the shit hits the fan
Im gonna sit back eat a BigTurk and
hopefully while Im puking the massive shitstorm will miss me.

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