Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Baby's On The Level

If at first you don't succeed Try again and again
Always a few roadblocks to deal with

So I learned that high schools still out till Jan8Th
I need a copy of my transcript for the pipe fitter job
got everything else together except for that
guess they want to know that I graduated
Monday is the day I hope
Gonna turn in the application and wait
Then there's a test
Gotta brush up on my math
fractions mainly
I graduated many moons ago and the old saying is true
"Use it or lose it"
needless to say GONE
Started smoking outside now at the twotwosix
pain in the ass but the house smells better
smells cleaner and so does the cat
I must admit I cheated the new rule last night
but for 99% of the time it's a go outside kinda feel
A resolution if you will
Is it possible to have a "fan" of your blog
probably more then one out there
but there more voyeur readers
Unanimous or anonymous
I spent the greater part of the morning
thinking about where my money actually does go
there's alot of robbing peter to pay Paul type thing going on
I never took juggling lessons
I never miss a payment
I just don't have any cash left over.......ever
So I started thinking
Where does it go?
I got a new budget programme I'm gonna try out
Hopefully that will clear the zits on my face
or gimme something to do at work.

1 comment:

a fan said...

of course, it's possible.